Trail Development at Marks Slough

Come join Build Lebanon Trails on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 10:00am at Marks Slough Trailhead. The Marks Slough Trail area needs to be cleared of invasive species. Come lend a hand with Build Lebanon Trails and help prepare the area for our native plantings project this spring. Meet at the Marks slough trailhead on Tennessee Road with gloves, shovels, and hoes. Put a little time into removing unwanted plants from one of the most popular trails in town. Feel free to bring friends to help Build Lebanon Trails make the most out of this one day work party.
*Notes: Dress appropriately for the weather and trail development work. May bring own tools.
Look for the BLT Event signs!!

Letter of Support Request 1/9/16

Call for Letters of Support for a Trails Grant Application

Hello Build Lebanon Trails, (BLT) Supporter.
Thank you for everything you do to help Lebanon have the best Trails, Parks and Community in Oregon.

Build Lebanon Trails (BLT) and the City of Lebanon are partnering again to bring you more new public trails. The current grant application (when awarded) will make it possible to construct over 2000 feet of new trail along the river at Riverview Park (off Mountain River Drive) to a new trailhead on River Road. The system of trails at Cheadle Lake is just across the road from River Road and the proposed new trailhead.

This project makes a critical connection between two existing paved trails. One currently runs across Riverview Park and the other along the shores of Cheadle Lake. The Cheadle Lake section extends all the way to Weirich Drive and the Strawberry Festival Site on the southside of Lebanon.

This proposed new trail is part of the growing West River Trail that will eventually be a continuous paved, off street trail between the south of town, at Weirich Drive, to the north of town at the Lebanon Hospital.

As of the writing of this letter the City is paving a new trail across Lebanon Hospital property that was funded by Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital Foundation. In January and February of this year, 2016. BLT, with the help of the City of Lebanon, is building a paved trail between the hospital and the bridge on North Williams Street. Last month (Dec 2015) a new paved trail was built between Had Irvine Park and the existing Mark’s Slough Trails that lead all the way to the South Santiam River.

BLT needs “Letters of Support” from you to show the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) that you and Build Lebanon Trails support the community and deserves a grant for this exciting project.

A letter from you can help make this important new trail a reality. It also helps BLT bring Federal grant funds back into our community. Your letter will be included with the grant application discussed below that will be submitted to OPRD on or before March 1, 2016.

Please take a few minutes to send me a “Letter of Support“.

Thank you again for your support of Build Lebanon Trails, The Community of Lebanon and the growing / proposed 50+ mile Lebanon Trail System.



Rodney Sell
Build Lebanon Trails, Board President,

Letter of Support Request


Canal Trail & River Walk – January 9th, 2016

Build Lebanon Trails – Canal Trail and River Walk
January 9, 2016 at 10am

Come join Build Lebanon Trails on Saturday, January 9th at 10:00am. We will explore current and future projects between the hospital and Marks Slough Trails. Recently the connecting trail from Had Irvine Park to Marks Slough has been paved. Depending on weather, the trail across from the hospital campus will hopefully be paved before the hike. The river portion has recently been cleared along the South Santiam River by Marks Slough.

The route will begin at the Lebanon Community Hospital in the south parking lot. We will walk along the canal to Had Irvine Park, along the Canal Trail to the existing Marks Slough Trails, walk the paved Marks Slough Trails, and then return to our starting point.

*Notes: Wear good walking shoes or hiking boots. Dress appropriately for the weather.


Meet at the South parking lot of the Lebanon Community Hospital at 525 N Santiam Hwy, Lebanon, OR 97355   Look for the BLT Event signs!!

Need more information?

Phone: 541-409-1302


B.L.T. Community meeting minutes from 11-03-15 meeting

Location: LCH (Lebanon Community Hospital). Date: November 3, 2015.



Call to Order at 6:25 pm.

Guests: Pat McNulty, Robbi Richard

Minutes. Review and Approval of previous meeting minutes, 10/6/2015. Thad made a motion to approve. Heather seconded. All in favor.



Benches. Thad reported that bench pedestals and lumber will be here mid-November. Selling benches as a fundraiser will be discussed at the Board Retreat. Help will be needed to drill holes for the anchor bolts.

2016 Hike Schedule was approved by Board and Gateway will print.

Update Canal Trail Map. No report. Jamie not in attendance.


BLT Run. Next meeting on Nov. 18th at Rod and Raylene’s house.

Event Coordinator.

Debrief on McDowell Creek Falls Hike. Jim reported 11 people on hike. Listening devices were used. Ranger Scott Pushkar kept the hike moving rapidly for 1 ½ hour.

Cheadle Challenge on Nov. 14th. Sign up on the volunteer page at Can also volunteer to help set up obstacles on morning of Nov. 7th.

Ralston Park Tree Decorating. BLT will not decorate this year.

Dec. 5th Walk. Joyce will lead the walk.

Jan. 9th Canal and River Walk. Thad will lead along with Jim.

Trail Development. (1) Beaton Lane Trail. Nothing has happened on Beaton Lane. Rod will contact Jason. (2) Canal Trail. City is starting trail behind Egner’s this week according to Jason. (3) ODOT rail has not approved the RR crossing yet. Road side work along Industrial Way will be needed. Will City cover it?


Pat reported that Mail Chip has been upgraded. He met with Christine and the site has been updated except for the maps. The old map will be removed and replaced with a new map.

The hike schedule will be added now that it has been finalized. Rod will email Pat the computer file for the card.

Water Brigade. Jim reported that Chuck was the winner of the Big Bucket. Thad suggested painting the wooden trailer. It might be used in the parade.

Grant Update.

BLT has offered $1200 to pave the trail to the benches on west side of boat ramp. The City will do it during the next paving cycle.

Update Letter. Nine trails were being worked on this year thanks to Rod’s grant writing. We will mail out the update letter to 156 people. The North Shore trail has been finished. BLT donated $3500 toward it. BLT is donating $3000 toward the trail/restroom at River Park. BLT is pledging $2000 to the paving of trail from River View Park and toward connecting the trail over the ditch to River Road. We are asking the City if we can apply for a 2016 RTP Grant for it.

Good of the Order

Appreciation and thanks was given to Pat for helping out with the BLT web site.

Adjournment at 6:50 pm. Next meeting December 1st, 6 to 7 pm.

McDowell Creek Hike – October 10, 2015

Are you ready for a great hike coming up?
Saturday, October 10th is the McDowell Creek Hike at 10am.

Visitors to the crystal clear water of McDowell Creek will be rewarded with the beautiful vistas of Royal Terrace and Majestic Falls from the bridges and viewing decks. There are 3 miles of hiking trails in this lush green park. The trails offer exceptional scenery for your hiking, nature study, and picnicking pleasure. Some fishing and wading is also available in the pools below the falls. Also, well socialized leashed dogs welcome on this hike.

To reach McDowell Creek Falls County Park from Lebanon: travel southeast on Highway 20. After approximately 4 miles, turn left onto Fairview Rd. Travel 1 mile on Fairview. Then turn left onto McDowell Creek Dr. Follow McDowell Creek Dr. for 7 miles. Park entrance and parking area are on the right hand side near the trail head. Restroom and picnic tables available.

Look for BLT signs along the way!



September Walk

Let’s get active, explore and learn how Build Lebanon Trails is “Connecting our Community” through the construction of multipurpose trails in Lebanon. There are currently over 14 miles of trails to explore. This month’s hike will visit the paved trail and pedestrian bridge along the Burkhart Creek trail and tour sites where the trail will be extended in the near future.

Join us at 10 am on Saturday, September 12th behind the Lebanon Fire Department at 12th and Oak streets for the 2 hour walk.

For details on our next walk or how you can get involved visit BLT on Facebook or at