A historic historic tour

Saturday, December 2. BLT’s last monthly event of 2017: a historic tour of downtown Lebanon. Rain rain rain and cold.

But the hardiest of the hardiest braved the weather, we put the listening devices in our ears, and off we went. And it was wonderful.

We walked along the streets of Lebanon as Joyce Weatherly told us the history behind many of the well-known Lebanon place names.

Then a guided tour inside Scroggins Mill, a renovation in progress.

A visit to the Donaca House, where we got to see the progress since last year and explore the rooms and some of the unique wallpaper layers and designs on the doors.

Then a tour of the upper floors of the Lebanon Hotel, where we learned about its unique history and the plans to turn it into innovative housing.

In short: loving revivals of our fair city.

Finally, a stop at The Lobby for treats.

In the end, we had about 20 people on the hike, undefeated by a little rain. Lebanon, the city that friendliness built–and a city that cares about its history.