And the winner is…

We’ve been reporting on our awesome bucket brigade, who kept all our young trailside trees healthy through the long dry summer. That numbers for 2016 are now in. Ready for the shocker?

  • 8219 gallons of water used
  • 17 watering days, with a total of 88 person days
  • 93 gallons of water carried per person on each trip from the water truck to a tree, for an average of 776 pounds per person on any particular day

The person who attends the most days for the year gets their name on a bucket, which is used in future years to carry water. This year, it was a tie between Chuck and Robbi!

Chuck Watts and Robbi Richard display their trophy

Chuck Watts and Robbi Richard display their trophy

But as you can see from the photo at the top of the page, the winner has been either Robbi or Chuck in previous years too. We had a celebration of our achievements this week, and I was surprised to receive my own bucket from the team.

Many thanks to Robbi and Chuck for their ultimate dedication, but many thanks to everyone else who hauled those 776 pounds each week as well.

Bucket brigade celebration

Thad, Jim, Carrie, Nancy, Robbi



Robbi Richard and Jim McKinnon with their buckets