Become a 2021 BLT Poker Fun Run Sponsor!

1st EVER POKER FUN RUN (click for details)
Patriots Day - Saturday September 11, 2021

Sponsorship opportunites

This event replaces our usual Cheadle Lake Run and Kids Ostacle Dash event in spring as our big sponsorship event of 2021. Please consider sponsoring us! Choose a category and download the sponsorship form below.

The Supreme Court - $1000.00

  • You are in charge of the judging booth!
  • You get to appoint the three judges to rule on the poker hands
  • You may use your company canopy or one of ours and decorate it
  • Your judges get to hand out the prizes
  • Your judges may make speeches, pound gavels, dress to impress, hand out citations (or marketing materials), anything legal to make the event more fun for the participants

There is only one opportunity for this level, get your sponsorship form in early!


Cool Hand Luke - $500.00

  • Run or sponsor a poker run stop
  • Appoint two dealers to help with the poker draws
  • Use your own canopy or one of ours and decorate it
  • You may hand out your business marketing materials at your location

There are ten opportunities at this level!

Stacking the Deck – $300.00  – FILLED!

  • Add your company name or logo to the playing cards which will be given out to each player

There are only three opportunities at this level, get your sponsorship in early!

The Banker - $100.00 - $150.00 value– FILLED!

  • Donate a prize/gift basket/gift card for one of our lucky winners


  • Donate funds towards the purchase a prize/gift basket/gift card for one of our lucky winners

There are nine opportunities at this level, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in three age categories

Chip In - $ you determine the stakes

  • General donation towards our fundraising efforts

There are unlimited opportunities at this level!

The theme for decorating purposes is Americana!
Participants will vote for the best decorated location.

100% of event proceeds are applied towards the promotion, planning, development and maintenance of multi-use trails throughout the community of Lebanon, Oregon.