Birdhouses: A village project

Thanks to Jason Pape and his daughter’s class of 20 students at East Linn Christian Academy, there are 6 new birdhouses at Cheadle Lake Park and 7 along the Marks Slough trail, installed on Easter weekend this year.

Jason has done other projects with the class and this year decided to get the kids involved with making birdhouses out of cedar fence slats and install them at some their favorite walking trails and on private property near the school.

“My daughter and I so enjoy all the nice trails your group has been building around town. Our favorites are Mark’s Slough and Cheadle… My thought was that it would give the kids something to look for along the trail and encourage wildlife.”

Jason wrote an email asking permission from BLT. BLT Board President Rod Sell offered encouragement and let Jason know BLT does not own the trails and put him in touch with Maintenance Manager, Jason Williams at the City of Lebanon and BLT volunteer, Dwane Schwindt, to help. Some suggestions on building and hanging them and tips to prevent vandalism were offered and Pape was given the go-ahead and help from City Parks Department staff.

Encouraging kids to get out on the trails and learn about nature, as Jason did with his class, deserves special recognition and should make everyone involved with BLT proud of their work to improve the community. We thank Jason and all the members of his class for investing their time in this project.

Can you spot any of the new birdhouses?

Cheadle Lake birdbox