BLT keeps winning (with your help)!

The City of Lebanon put out a call for "Capture the Spirit of Our City" photos that "showcase the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of our city" and "feature the vibrant spirit of Lebanon and highlight the talents of our local photographers."

We submitted this photo of a rather typical day with a small crew working to plant trees. The day before the plantings the City maintenance guys met us out there and dug holes with their equipment to make the job easier.

Crew of Build Lebanon Trails volunteers plantng trees
Photo credit: Raylene Sell

We also submitted this description:

"This picture was taken on February 10th, 2024 on the Old Mill Trail near Riverview Park. Community spirit is a big part of what makes Lebanon a great place to live. Build Lebanon Trails, The City of Lebanon, and its citizens all participated this day to plant trees along the trail system."

We got the following response from the City:

"Your entry has been selected to be on our new Volunteer landing page on our new website. Our new website should be live in July 2024!"

We're happy to have our efforts recognized by the City of Lebanon. But more than that, we're grateful to our many  volunteers for their efforts to help maintain and improve Lebanon's trails, both on our Trail Work Day events and for these special jobs. And we constantly hear from people we meet around the community about how much they love using the trails.

So thank YOU, generous people of Lebanon!

Photo credit: Raylene Sell