BLT Photo Contest winners!

35 entries in total

4 age category winners + one grand prize

= 5 winners!

The Board of Directors had several rounds of anonymous and secret voting to arrive at the choices.

It was really close!

We based our votes on their meaningfulness to us and on the relevance of each photo to the BLT mission statement:

“To inspire and assist the community in the development, maintenance and enhancement of multiple-use trails and related facilities in and around Lebanon for the enjoyment, recreation, health and safety of the residents and their guests.”

Finally, we had our winners in each category, and they are featured in the header of each of the following website pages.

Elementary (age 12 and under) winner: Kaira Baarsch

Teen winner: Isabelle Steen

Adult winner: TJ Hoffman

Senior winner: Catherine Avilez

Grand prize winner! Pamela Telgenhoff

Prizes have been mailed to the winners. Congratulations!

Please know how meaningful your photos are to us, whether you won a prize or not. Many brought tears to our eyes.

As we mentioned we want to use the winning photos in various BLT promotional materials. You’ll see them popping up here and there. We also received permission from a couple of the people who didn’t win to use their beautiful photos. Please contact us if you didn’t win and want to give us permission to use your photo.

Thanks again for the chance to connect with our community! You are the reason the trails exist. If you submitted a photo, we don’t know all your names and faces, so if you spot a BLT blue shirt, please introduce yourself.