BLT Favorite Walk, Lebanon, Oregon

North Shore and Island Loop Trail Walk at Cheadle Lake

2.46 miles (North Shore trail), 1.1 miles for Island Loop

Explore Lebanon's crown jewel, Cheadle Lake, with this walk from the parking lot on the north to the parking lot on the south with an optional detour along the Island Loop trails. Cheadle Lake used to be a mill pond, but it has been rehabilitated into a beautiful lake with great views and numerous types of wildlife. Look for bald eagles, ospreys, pond turtles, Canada geese, and river otters. And look up to see if you can identify the Green Peter and Bald Peter peaks to the south, Ridgeway Butte to the east, Middle Ridge to the west.

See walk details below.

Walking directions

The instructions are for the north parking lot, but you can start either from there or from the main Cheadle Lake parking lot on Weirich Drive. The North Shore Trail is an out-and back trail, and the island loops are an optional add-on.

Start at the boat ramp and walk along the paved trail, with the canal is on your left and the lake on your right. After .43 miles, follow the turnoff to the right where there’s a sign for the Island Loop Trail. The island trail consists of three “fingers” and a “thumb,” and you can walk up and down any or all of them. (See the aerial photos below to see the thumb and fingers.) When you get back to the North Shore Trail, turn right to continue the walk. You’ll leave the lake and walk along Cheadle Park, a grassy area that leads to the Cheadle Park parking lot on Weirich Drive. Turn around at any point to return to the North Shore parking lot.

Trail Images and Videos

Trail start

From the intersection of US Highway 20 and Airport Rd, go east on Airport Rd (past Safeway) and continue straight as the road becomes Russell Drive and then River Drive. Turn right from River Drive into the North Shore parking lot. See the map.

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Special notes

Follow the signs along the trail for navigation and mileage.

The North Shore trail is ADA-accessible. The Island Loop Trail has “fingers.” The nearest finger is paved but has an incline that does not meet ADA slope standards. It can still be enjoyed by wheelchair users as an out and back trail (approx. 3/4 mile in length). The remaining two “fingers” and the “thumb” (on your left after you cross the walkway over the pond) are gravel.

Did you know...

Birds in flight drawn on torn brown paper

Cheadle Lake is well known for birds, turtles, and other wildlife.

From the Willamette Birding Trail project pamphlet:

Bird drawn on torn brown paper

“An ambitious restoration is underway at this site, which as of 2010 has restricted access but will soon feature trails open to the public and made up of lake, marsh, and riparian woods, and thicket habitats. Many tall snags provide platform and cavity nesting areas. Watch for Bewick’s Wren, California Quail, Common Yellowthroat, Double-Crested Cormorant, Northern Flicker, Red-winged Blackbird, Osprey, Rufous Hummingbird, Western Scrub-Jay, and Song Sparrow. In the right season, Cheadle Lake is also a good spot to scan for migrant waterbirds, such as terns. ”

For recently recorded bird sightings at Cheadle Lake, follow this link to