BLT Favorite Walk, Lebanon, Oregon

Old Mill Trail and Eagle Scout Trail

0.8 miles each way

An easy, level, out and back walk on paved surfaces from Gill's Landing RV Park to Riverview Park. Return by the same trail or the soft-surface Eagle Scout Trail.

See walk details below.

Walking directions

The Old Mill Trail is a fully accessible concrete trail with lighting and benches along the way. The trail entrance points are from Gill’s Landing at one end and Riverview Park at the other.

This walk starts at Gill’s Landing and follows the paved trail up to Riverview Park. You can either come back the same way or return via the Eagle Scout Trail, a soft-surface trail that runs parallel to the Old Mill Trail. It’s also possible to start at Riverview Park but parking is more limited.

At Gill’s Landing, find the interpretive kiosk with information about the history of that spot. Then simply follow the concrete path. Along the walk, the Recognition Plaza was created to honor the many donors and supporters who helped to make this trail a reality.

When you reach the entrance to Riverview Park, feel free to explore the path along the river in the park, or go even further to the Cheadle Lake trail. See the comprehensive trail map for details.

When you’re ready, turn around and take either the Old Mill Trail or the Eagle Scout Trail back. The Eagle Scout Trail connects to the Old MillTrail at both the Gill’s Landing end and the Riverview Park end and also in the middle.

Trail Images and Videos

Trail start

1400 E Grant St
Lebanon, OR 97355

From Route 20 as it passes through town, turn east on Grant Street. Just before the bridge, turn right into the driveway with the sign Gill’s Landing RV Park. Park in the lot there and look for the trail kiosk.

See the City of Lebanon information page for the Gill’s Landing RV Park.

Special notes

Paved surface on Old Mill Trail, soft surface on Eagle Scout Trail.
There are public restrooms and a picnic area at Gill’s Landing.
Multiuse trail (walkers, bikers, etc.).
No horses on trails.
Dogs ok on leash.
There are three pet stations along the trail:
– At the Gill’s Landing entrance on the right side of the trail just past the information kiosk.
– At the intersection with a downhill switchback that goes to the Eagle Scout Trail. 
– At Riverview Park next to the kiosk.
Each station has a bag dispenser and a disposal container. Report any problems to the City of Lebanon, who maintains the stations.

Did you know...

  • Bulldozer cartoonPlanned for years, when the land became available the Old Mill Trail was funded and built in record time. The Rick Franklin Corporation began clearing the way for the trail in May 2021. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on November 17, 2021.
  • The land is owned by the Heatherington Foundation for Innovation and Education in Health Care. The Heatherington Foundation also funded about 2/3 of the project. The rest was funded by private donations.
  • Concrete truck cartoon
    Briese Concrete placed 1300 cubic yards of concrete on the Old Mill Trail. A group of Build Lebanon Trails board members, who called themselves “The Dry Hards,” sat in shifts watching the segments of concrete dry to protect it.
  • There are 53 light poles and 12 benches on the trail, purchased with donations to BLT.
  • As reported on one of the  kiosks:  “In 1994, a young man built a trail with donated gravel for his Eagle Scout requirement, helped by fellow scouts and his family. This became known as the Eagle Scout Trail. In 2021 this trail was restored and extended to Riverview Park.”
  • The BLT Trail Maintenance Subcommittee and BLT volunteers braved poison oak and blackberry thorns to clear sections of the Old Mill and Eagle Scout trails.
  • The maps on the kiosks were created by the volunteer efforts of a professional mapmaker, Rob Chohan of San Diego, who graduated from Lebanon High School. He has also redrawn the comprehensive trail map for Build Lebanon Trails.
  • The first two pet stations were donated by the Lebanon Rotary Club.  The third station was provided by the City of Lebanon.