BLT Favorite Walk, Lebanon, Oregon

Veterans Walk

0.7 miles (loop) or 2.1 miles total with longer leg

This trail is a great lunchtime walk! It starts at the Oregon Veterans Home in Lebanon and follows a section of the Northside Community Trail out to the end of the trail on the west. Besides the Veterans Home, this section of the trail offers a view of several large Lebanon companies that normally remain hidden away from view: Pennington Seed, Entek, Linn Gear, and Laticrete. If you want to extend the walk past the end of the Northside Community Trail, you can also walk along Twelfth Street and see the Cascade Performing Arts Center and even stop off at the Summit Ace Home and Garden Center on Tangent.

See walk details below.

Walking directions

Start at the Veterans Home or the parking lot north of Boulder Falls Inn. Follow the loop on the map in either direction. The loop goes on Fifth Street north to Reeves Parkway, east to Route 20, south to the parking lot shown in the red rectangle in the map to access the trail, and west on Boulder Falls Parkway.

Admire the Edward C. Allworth Oregon Veterans’ Home when you pass it. As stated on their web page, “Organized around the idea of an intentional community or neighborhood, this new veterans’ home offers residents a way to maximize normal living environments and routines, provides autonomy, a sense of community, and quality of life.┬áThe campus consists of four neighborhoods, up to three houses per neighborhood, and each house accommodates up to 14 eligible residents” and it has won a Bronze Award of Excellence.

When you reach Reeves Parkway, walk west (away from Route 20) and turn left (south) on Hansard Ave. The trail ends at Harrison St., and you can turn around and return the way you came and finish the rest of the loop, or if you have a map, you can follow city streets to do a loop back to the Veterans Home.

Trail Images and Videos

Trail start

Oregon Veterans Home, 600 N 5th St, Lebanon, OR 97355

You can leave for the veterans home or park further east, take US 20 and turn west onto Mullins Drive. At the circle, take the last right towards Boulder Falls Inn and continue past the Boulder Falls Conference Center to the parking lot further to the north.

Special notes

Paved surfaces
Multiuse trail (walkers, bikers, etc.)
Dogs ok on leash
No horses or motorized devices on trails

Did you know...

Cucumber watercolorLinn County commissioners, who tend to be opposed to tax increases, led a campaign for a new tax to bring a nursing home to Lebanon.

The lawn of the Oregon Veterans’ Home is very progressive and unusual to match its overall philosophy: it’s a mix of plants instead of just grass. Also, there are raised beds for growing vegetables and flowers in the back.

The tagline of the home is “The place where honor lives.” The four neighborhoods are called Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta.