BLT Watering Brigade winds down for 2016

Fill. Carry. Walk. Pour.


If you've walked at Cheadle Lake, you've maybe noticed a number of young trees planted along the trail. If you've walked on a Thursday morning, you may have been inconvenienced by a water truck being driven down the trail.

This is the Build Lebanon Trails volunteer water brigade. Every Thursday morning throughout the dry summer heat, the water truck and a number of loyal volunteers make the rounds and water the trees by hand with 5-gallon buckets. This summer, they've watered the trees on the short Dr. Thad Nelson Trail on the north side of town, at Cheadle Lake, and at Cheadle Lake Park to help out the Lebanon Community Foundation.

This season the volunteers were assisted by four members of the Boys and Girls Club of Lebanon: Tyler, Tyler, Shawn, and Logan. We greatly appreciate their help!

There are many rewards to this weekly outing. The volunteers get a good upper body workout (five gallons of water weigh almost 42 pounds) in a beautiful setting and in good company. And the volunteer who attends the most by the end of the season gets their name written on one of the five-gallon buckets. There is fierce competition for this trophy.

These photos, taken on September 8, 2016, show the volunteers helping out that day and the watering process.