Call for letters of support for a grant application for Cheadle Lake Park

Letters or emails from the community requested by April 28, 2017

Hello Build Lebanon Trails, (BLT) Supporter,

This letter brings you an opportunity to help our trails effort by writing a “Letter of Support” for another exciting trail improvement project in our great community. The project will pave two miles of existing gravel trails on the islands of Cheadle Lake Park.

We are requesting funding from the Recreational Trails Grant Program (RTGP) administered by Oregon State Parks and Recreation (OPRD). The grant can provide up to 80% of the cost of the project. This is a wonderful opportunity to leverage the funds you have helped BLT raise by using 20% of local funds to bring in 80% of the cost of the project from outside funding sources.

Paving the gravel trails greatly improves the ease of access for everyone regardless of age or physical ability. What a wonderful place to learn to ride a bicycle, get in that daily run or walk, take a friend to see the wildlife and a place to bring your mobility-challenged acquaintances for a stroll away from traffic.  Access to these beautiful islands brings everyone closer to the natural world: the trailside trees recently planted by BLT and the abundant wildlife that flourishes in the waters and on the islands at Cheadle Lake.

Future trail development plans will add a bridge connecting the islands to the south side of the lake, will add a bridge from the end of one island to another, creating looped trail options, and build a continuous trail around the lake.

Build Lebanon Trails and The City of Lebanon need your “Letters of Support” to show the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) that you support the project, and the community, and to show OPRD that Lebanon is committed to the continued development of public trails in our community.

A letter from you will help BLT’s efforts to bring outside funding into Lebanon to be used to provide easy access to beautiful areas that are just a short walk from home.  Your letter will be included with the grant application that will be submitted to OPRD on or before May 1, 2017.

Letters can be short or long, emailed to Rod at or mailed to BLT, P.O. Box 2604 Lebanon OR 97355. If you prefer to start with a template, there’s one included below. If you don’t have time for a letter, just email me a short note with your name and contact info stating your support of the project and a sentence or two stating why you support the development of Lebanon’s trail system.

Please take a few minutes to send me a “Letter of Support.”

Thank you for everything you continue to do to help Lebanon have the best trails in Oregon.


Rodney Sell
Board President
Build Lebanon Trails

Sample letter

The letter does not need to be long. A short or long message will be great.


Build Lebanon Trails (BLT)
c/o Rodney Sell
P.O. Box 2604
Lebanon OR 97355

Dear Build Lebanon Trails (or Dear Rod),

I want to express my support for the City of Lebanon’s and “Build Lebanon Trails” (BLT) efforts and trail projects in the community and especially for their current effort to pave two miles of existing gravel trails on the islands of Cheadle Lake Park.

This project is very important (or use) (essential) (needed) (critical) to the citizens of Lebanon because…

(Name of organization or I) fully support the BLT program to provide trails in the Lebanon area and the City of Lebanon’s efforts to enhance existing park facilities.  I am willing to aid the effort by providing (verbal support) __________support, (be a trail partner, walk the trail) (materials) (funding) (etc) (and/or volunteer my time to promote this effort.)

(You could also include a statement about what the future will bring for you and/or Lebanon, for example:)  I imagine a day not far away when I can step out my front door and within a few minutes reach one of numerous trail heads in Lebanon that will take me to this and all Lebanon’s Parks and anywhere I want to go in Lebanon without using a vehicle. The new, existing and future Lebanon trails will take me anywhere I want to go in the community including to River Park, other parks, schools and businesses I frequent.

Thank you and your committee for supporting this very worthwhile effort.  Please keep me informed on how I/we can help.


Name, Address, Contact phone number and/or email address.