Another new Build Lebanon Trails bench

More opportunities to rest and meditate

We reported earlier on our installation of new benches, and we've added more!

For this latest round, the Rotary Club of Lebanon and a small volunteer group from Build Lebanon Trails and the community recently completed the last of our 10 concrete bench pads, each 6 ft x 9 ft., placed along the trail between the hospital campus and the Santiam River. We then installed four additional benches, including three on the river and one near the parking area on Tennessee Rd. In addition, we replaced two rotted log benches at Cheadle Lake with new ones. This makes a total of 12 benches installed over the last few months.

We thank the Lebanon Rotary Club and all of our donors and volunteers for making the installation of all 12 of these new benches a success. In the next few weeks, we'll add plaques to the benches, recognizing specific groups and individuals.

We have more to thank the Rotary Club for. Last winter they planted 12 trees along the trail on the Rick Franklin right-of-way.

In February 2017 they sponsor an additional nine trees and help us plant them along the riverfront and the Mark's Slough Trail. We will add several more trees to the project and, of course, the BLT bucket brigade will keep the new guys watered during the hot summer months. As they grow, we hope they'll add to the scenic beauty and keep you cool.

We invite you to look out for the benches and give them a try as you walk along our beautiful trails in Lebanon.

Would you like to sponsor a bench? See our ad.