More trees for the Marks Slough trail

If you walk the Marks Slough trail loop, you’ll no doubt notice a number of new trees in view of the path.

An intrepid group of volunteers who like to work hard and get dirty showed up on Saturday, February 25, 2017 and had a wonderful time planting 22 young trees, thanks to the help and guidance of John Dinges of John Dinges Landscape Company.

Of the trees planted, 9 were purchased by The Lebanon Rotary Club and 13 by Build Lebanon Trails. Many thanks to the Rotary Club and the community for their support and your donations. Here’s what they are:

  • 10 Autumn Blaze red Maple
  •  5  Crimson King Maple
  • 5  October Glory red Maple
  • 2  Crimson Sentry Maple

By the time the work crew finished the job, we’d gained the experience we needed to do it right the first time, so you may notice some quality differences in the trees’ support ties. But thanks to the wonderful loam that John brought, the mulch we’ll be adding, and the hand watering we’ll be doing this summer, we have every confidence these trees will flourish.

The reason we’re all smiling, besides loving the work and enjoying each other’s company, is that we know how much enjoyment trees add to a walk on a city trail. If you love to get outside, get dirty, and have something to show for it, please volunteer to join us in this type of trail work.