Our 2023 trail plans start now!

Dear BLT Supporter,

Last year Build Lebanon Trails (BLT) successfully completed the 4,100-foot-long, lighted, Old Mill Trail along the South Santiam River. If you've walked that trail, you know that this was a great community effort and a new jewel in our trail necklace.

Now we've got two trail efforts planned for 2023 and we're asking for your help.

Our two trail efforts for 2023

Our two new trail efforts include two trails in River Park and one at Gill's Landing. All trails will be hard surfaced, fully accessible, and designed for everyone to use and enjoy. These trail projects will connect several miles of trails and directly connect five city parks including River Park, Cheadle Lake Park, Riverview Park, Porter Park, Gill’s Landing, and the Community Gardens.

The River Park trail effort

This effort includes what we're calling the River Park Loop Trail and the West River Trail Extension.

  • The River Park Loop Trail includes 1,300 feet of new trail, creating a 3,660-foot-long looped trail in River Park.
  • The West River Trail Extension (WRT) extends the West River Trail 860 feet north towards Had Irvine Park. It allows a future trail connection towards East Isabella and Dodge Streets.

The Gill's Landing trail effort

The Gill’s Landing Trail will start at the Old Mill Trail and cross Gill’s Landing with 470 feet of 10-foot-wide trail. We also plan to install three new trail lights. This trail will create a safe pedestrian walkway that connects the Old Mill Trail to River Park by going under the roadway bridge and connecting to the existing West River Trail in River Park.


BLT is taking full advantage of all funding opportunities.

Public funding

We have applied for a grant through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept. (OPRD). The City of Lebanon is providing Parks System Development Funds that will be used as grant match.

Private donation matching funds

A Lebanon couple has generously offered to match private donations up to a maximum of $2,000. For every dollar you donate, it will be matched with a dollar - up to $2,000. So your donation will be worth twice as much and ultimately $2,000 in combined donations becomes $4,000.

Leveraging your donations even further

BLT is using private donations to match grant funding, effectively making the initial $2,000 into $8,000 or more. You can see how valuable your donation is to us.

The challenge grant and your generous donations will make possible the development of the West River Trail Extension, River Park Loop Trail, and the Gill’s Landing Trail.

Fundraising goals

West River Trail Effort

  • Private funding: $19,293
  • OPRD grant request: $150,000

Gill’s Landing Trail Effort

  • Private & BLT funding: $50,000

What you can do

Please consider donating to these very important trail efforts. Here's how you can donate:

  • Make a donation on our donation page.
    You can pay with a credit card.
  • Mail a check to:
    Build Lebanon Trails
    PO Box 2604
    Lebanon, OR 97355

Please also tell us where you want to direct your donation:

  • The River Park trail effort (West River Trail Extension and River Park Loop Trail)
  • The Gill’s Landing trail effort
  • Where the need is the greatest
    This unrestricted fund can be used for trail construction, maintenance, amenities, etc.

BLT is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. With every donation we provide a receipt for your records and we encourage you to take full advantage of all tax-deductible benefits.

We thank you for your ongoing support for the development of new trails in our community.