Small changes for 2017: event times and meetings

Happy New Year! We hope you’re all healthy and ready to get outside and participate in some of the events that we have planned for you this year.

We have a few minor changes to announce.

Our Saturday events will start at 9 am (rather than 10 am). The exceptions are our May event, the Cheadle Lake Run, and the December event, the historic downtown walk. Just watch our Events page, or subscribe to our news announcements to get the announcements right in your email inbox.

Our monthly community meetings have a slight change of format and time. They are now open board meetings on the first Tuesday of each month from 5:30-7 pm. In the past, we’ve had the board meeting at 5 pm and the community meeting at 6 pm, and we found we were pretty much repeating to the public what we’d said in private. We’re a pretty open, friendly bunch, and your input at meetings could affect on our plans and priorities, so please come! Follow this link to get information about how to get to the meetings.

You’ve no doubt noticed we went live with a new website design last year, and our news page is now separate from events. However, we’d still like to keep you in the loop. So when we publish a news item like this, we’ll send it out to our subscriber list. We promise not to overwhelm you with emails! At most this might be one extra email every month.

And, umm, an apology. The first new open board meeting is tonight (January 4) at 5:30, and we’re just getting this news out now. We’d better make a New Years’ resolution to get information out in a more timely fashion.