Thanks, Poker Run volunteers and sponsors!

Hello all,

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to each and every one of you who helped to make our 2021 Poker Fun Run a success.  Thank for your sponsorship! Thank you for volunteering your time and letting us use your tables and canopies.  Thank you for flyer distribution throughout our town and cleaning up dog poo at the dealer sites.  Thank you for FaceBook posts and sharing those posts. Thank you for showing up, setting up and taking down.  Thank you for doing it all with a smile!

We provided a fun excuse for people to get out on the trail system.  We made people aware of our trail system.  We reached not only the participants but folks out for walk  who had no idea about the fun event that was happening.  We made a little bit of money – the final report will be given at the next board meeting.  We sold quite a few discounted t-shirts.  We received $166.00 in donations!  People wanted to give us money to help build trails!

All the participants said they had fun.  The judges (Rebecca and Cindy from the Senior Center, Briana from Western University) had a grand time hamming things up and pounding gavels.  The prizes made possible by our sponsors were well received.

In conversations with participants and volunteers the words “next year” or “next time” came up quite frequently….

Thank you again for Connecting our Community and being part of our “Happy Trails!”

Jessica Ruef

Director, Build Lebanon Trails

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