Trail Work Day, February 2019

Despite the grim weather predictions for a winter storm, 17 trail enthusiasts geared up with warm clothes, assorted tools and positive attitudes for the Build Lebanon Trails trail enhancement work day on Saturday February 9, 2019.  The sun broke through the dark clouds as new Elite Volunteer Scott Grasley assigned tasks, gave the obligatory safety speech and led the caravan of volunteers out to the Island Loop Trail at Cheadle Lake.

Good conversations, new friendships and the pleasure of working towards a common goal kept everyone warm in spite of the wind chill factor.

Volunteers pruned trees, spread mulch, trimmed the overgrowth around resting benches and netted trash out of the lake.  With so many helping hands, it only took a couple of hours to make a significant impact on the appearance of the trails out on the fingers in the lake. A couple of bald eagles perched on a tall snag to inspect the effort.

Several trail users who were out enjoying the morning took the time to stop and thank the volunteers for their efforts. Knowing that the hard work of planning, developing and maintaining the Lebanon trails system is appreciated by our community is what keeps us moving forward puts the smiles on our faces.

Happy Trails!