Welcome to our new website

If you've visited the Build Lebanon Trails website before, you'll immediately notice a new look. That's thanks to locating a volunteer who owns a local web design business and loves to hike.

Besides the obvious style changes, here's how the information got moved around.

  • Our news from the front page now appears on its own "News" page, which you can access from the menu. If you've subscribed to our mailing list, you'll continue to get email notices of news, meetings, and upcoming events.
  • We still have a comprehensive trail map that you can download from the Find a Trail page, but we're also trying to add information about specific walks you can do on our trails. We've started with a couple and plan to keep adding more. If you'd like to contribute to this effort, please contact us!
  • We've abandoned the calendar and instead list all our events for the year on the Join an event page. Information about our monthly community meetings is on the Get involved page.
  • We still encourage anyone who's interested to get involved, so now we have a dedicated Get involved page that has information about attending community meetings, volunteering in various ways, and donating. And just in case we don't say it enough, a big thank you to everyone who volunteers. We have no personnel costs thanks to you.
  • We've reorganized and reduced the number of donation categories, but they're still basically the same.
  • We have a Gallery page which is live feed of photos that our posted to our Facebook page. If you have photos you'd like to share, we encourage you to post them to Facebook. You can also see all the recent Facebook posts on our new home page.

And one more big change. The Cheadle Lake Fun Run, held every May, is our biggest event of the year, and the only one for which we charge money to participate. There are people who come from all over who are interested in that event only, so we gave it the status it deserves in online search by creating a new website for it: cheadlelakerun.com. We've tried to integrate it with this site in such a way that you hardly know you're going back and forth.

Any new website has some rough edges, so if you find any that you'd like to bring to our attention, we'd love to hear from you. Just fill out the Contact us form and submit your comments.